Aromatherapy Stress Relief Dough- Tactile and Sensory Dough with Essential oils



Stress Relief Dough is great for those who are under stress, the fidgeter, those who need sensory relief. Aromatherapy from the essential oils will give you a sense of peace and calm.
**I’m sorry there was a bit of confusion as to the word imprinted into the dough..
below are the names for the essential oil blends. I will put a photo of the word stamps I have available and you may choose a word by leaving a comment with your order or I’ll use the one that coordinates with the photos😉 (I may also be able to do a custom word with the letters as shown in the last photo)

I’ve add a few holiday/winter scents marked with **

**Into the woods: lavender, rosemary, spearmint, rose geranium, black spruce,Fir, eucalyptus (dark green)
**Revelry- orange, cinnamon, clove (dark orange)
**Candy cane: peppermint, benzoin (pink)
*Happiness: Tangerine grapefruit, Bergamot (orange)
*Calm: French lavender- purple
*Inhale: Eucalyptus, Spearmint (green teal)
*Dinosaur Fuel: Anise (blackish) **Unscented will come 6oz in a larger jar.

Additional information

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candy cane, Happiness, inhale, Into the woods, Lavender, Revelry


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